That's what it's all about. Keep the tradition. That culinary and gastronomic tradition that has made us evolve as people and as creators.

As in Jazz, in the kitchen you try to explore the maximum development of an instrument, in our case an ingredient or product that is more fashionable. Product is fashionable? We should never have lost sight of the product, let alone ours, the one closest to us. I'm sorry, but globalization doesn't allow us to have a fresh one-day product and in optimal consumption conditions. Either he matured in the box or he caught too green so there's nothing more to talk about.

Well, let's get on with that tradition thing. Let's determine tradition as part of our culture and be clear. Who doesn't remember Grandma's pout or her mother's chicken sauce? , I know that some of you are still too young and when you were little the memories were of another kind. But in the end everything comes back and that is made up of our origins that is why we continue to enjoy both a good steak, a good paella or rice, or a good fish. Pleasures that have become worldly in this circus of food, but that are now the fashion that develops our kitchens. Let us follow closely the tradition and as its definition says in the Castilian language dictionary is: "Doctrine, custom, etc., preserved in a village by transmission from parents to children".

So then, let's maintain good customs and be faithful to our traditions because in some way, tradition is what has made us what we are and we stay alive and well.

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