Welcome to The Vermouth Restaurant!!!

A philosophy: The cult of the product, and without oppressions of territory. Firstly, the proximity, for this we work with local producers, especially products derived from agriculture.

One way to get things done: The familiar, make our customers feel at home. Give our best without any qualms, and above all and above all we work as hosts inviting customers to correct our mistakes, which like everyone can always happen. A working methodology based on the constant evaluation of our work and an important collection of everything we are told. We like to listen to our customers above all.

The fire as inspiration of a chef who has a great time making diners enjoy and who is at ease and who has found his place and the perfect location for his development and final stage.

The venue: An old farmhouse in the Valencian municipality of the Pobla de Vallbona in its founding neighborhood. The Poble. As if it were an old solera of Jerez, you breathe history and years staying in that place. Recovered by hand. Without touching the initial structure of the house. Open spaces like those that had once given rise to two dining rooms each with their charm. A unique piece that we respect with everything we do

The gastronomic proposal: Premium products from their main appellations of origin. There's no such thing as a letter. There is a relationship of dishes that vary daily. Seasonal products, respecting the cycles of nature. Meat, fish, rice, stews, pouts.... Everything has a different touch. Grilled. Carrasca, almond and olive ember for meat and fish. Sarmientos and strains for vegetables. In all this a Mediterranean air is denoted. Our origin, our roots. The Traditional Cuisine on the Silk Road, first the Valencian, then the Spanish, then the international one. Always from tradition.

The restaurant : Traditional Valencian alqueria recovered keeping intact pieces of it that are dated from the fifteenth century with internal courtyard. It has been until our conversion, a private house not visitable and that is why we wanted to show our clients what the houses of before were like, when we lived among other things of growing mulberry and breeding worms in the andanas.

In some towns of the Ribera and Camp del Turia you could reach ten meters high so it took up to two rows of windows to be able to ventilate them. Next to it, stoves, thermometers, leaf cutting machines, stairs, carrycots and baskets are part of the heritage of an ancient time, which was diluted to the beat of the disappearance of a way of life.... and the Casa Gran, the Casa Bernal and Mas de Tous de la Pobla de Vallbona, are visitable and preserved testimonies of this memory and this landscape of scattered dwellings. Many houses, farmhouses and farmhouses, such as the emblematic White House of the Pobla de Vallbona, have disappeared forever and are only left in remembrance, others are at risk of being lost forever in oblivion, or are not visitable.

In the Town of Vallbona, the farm La Pradera, testimony to the "directed harvests" that in the twentieth century led Lombard, of more than forty hanegadas of Japanese mulberry, forming meadows as if they were vineyards, no longer exists. In 1975 the last of the mulberry leaf crops took place there on Valencian lands

Extracted from "The Landscapes of Silk"

Ricardo Franch Benavent
Department of Modern History

Ester Alba Pagán
Department of Art History
University of Valencia