Who we are

Carmen and Paco are a marriage that we have made of gastronomy our modus vivendum.

Carmen enjoys serving her clients and the treatment is as familiar as she can be.

There is no more professionalism than the one that has been forged herself day by day. A way to reinvent yourself in the labor market.

Kind and honest. He advises customers as best he can. The best is sometimes not the most expensive, and the need or demand of the customer is what needs to be addressed and above all we must push the boundaries of human comfort. She's an expert on that.

Paco's a sick man in the kitchen. Breed cook, like the few left. A long professional journey through the big kitchens both here and outside. An exceptional technique and an application to your kitchen that dilutes any apex of it. In your hands the culinary technique is so natural that it does not seem to exist.

He dares with the most demanding pieces. It still gives fish than vegetables as well as meats and rice dishes, which dominates from its beginnings and its Valencian origin of the Cabanyal neighborhood. Your beloved and dear neighborhood. His memories of childhood and youth. The smell of sea and orchard. Like the most select meats on our peninsula. Mix of Mediterranean products and a background for French, Spanish and Italian cuisine that make up an expert in traditional cuisine.

Embers and live fire are your kitchen treatise. Primitive cooking, like before. Chup, chup in casseroles and long cooking. The result is one word. Flavor.