The taste of memory

Sausage casserole, eggs, peppers and ham

"None like my mother's paellas" or "Like that fish that we ate when we were on vacation in Càdiz, none".

These are some of the claims that we use most when we try a dish and look on our hard drive for that flavor to compare with. But what about the situation we were in when we first tasted and discovered that taste, and the family or friends atmosphere we met?

For opening a thread of opinion about the food we eat and tasting for the various restaurants in the world, what does exist is a resounding statement. Nowhere except where it was given at that very moment when we acquired that flavor, because the taste is learned and stored on our stored hard drive and waiting to be rediscovered again when we try again another taste similar and / or even better fact than the one we remember or worse, which is also given.

With all this what I want to express in this post, is the union of taste with memory. We wouldn't know the same paella the same way being on a relaxed holiday with our family and with decorative memories of when things weren't so complicated for us or we didn't have as many responsibilities and we spent a meal of laughter and joy with our family or friends, who took the same paella with the stress of work eating at full throttle to get back to work or to the kids or the gym , without any détente.

This is what I mean when I talk about the taste of remembrance. To which it brings to our mind that taste, to the warmth of a mother or to be enjoying with friends.

Obviously we will try many of those dishes in our lives, possibly better executed than that of our memory, with more technique or with less, but it will never give us back no more than we want to that idyllic moment when we discovered that taste of remembrance.

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  1. It's true! the buttery ice cream that my mother made (after enjoying a good wood-fired paella) when we met with the family...we girls had to crank the wooden refrigerator and add salt to the ice...that flavor of ice cream of my is forever etched in my mind! unforgettable memories❤

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