Take Away from Restaurant to Takeaway Home?

pandemic!!!. Looks like we're losing the essence, but we're not. It's not about reinventing ourselves, it's about offering what we know how to do and we usually do adapting to this awkward situation for everyone and trying to a burning nail to keep with our customers that complicity that we've always carried.

The Restoration does not need to be reinvented, just adapt to this circumstance and for a defined time, because what we like is that they serve us, enjoy without having to worry about heating, boiling, etc. We don't go to restaurants to boil, bake, or heat in the microhondas. We will enjoy a good meal with an excellent presentation and to inst affect what we have decided to ask for. We enjoy that moment when we are served wine, we are presented with the dish and we dialogue with our company. We enjoy that moment when the service desala asks us and we think, at the moment when the chef tries to evaluate his work and talks to us and tells us the story of the dish, the product or how he has done it.

So make no mistake. In the restoration it is not necessary to reinvent yourself and I personally believe it. Those times will return when we did what we wanted without restrictions and without parapets in the mouth or in the nose. It may take a year or two, but people will lose their fear and begin to distinguish between what is safe and what is not safe.

In this pandemic there must have been a scapegoat and yes, this time it was the turn of the sector that has the most social relations in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Thank you States, for treating us like the leaders of viral transmission. Some have compensated and others like ours at the moment nothing at all. Well, yes, the chocolate in the parrot so we can shut up. We're already going out to claim what they've taken from us. Let's hope it's taken seriously.

And to conclude and in tribute to all the colleagues in the sector, I can only say that MUCH CHEER and a little patience. It's hard, very hard, but we'll get out of this and of course, it's enough reinvention. We don't need to reinvent anything, and of course even less our know-how in the stoves. Don't let anyone try to convince us. We open in your day a restaurant and not a takeaway house, which with all its dignity, have their specialization and professionalism, but does not meet our expectations. If we now have to maintain a takeaway service so that we can give our customers an alternative, but not colleagues, the solution is not to fill this country with gourmet takeaway houses.

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  1. These are hard times for your sector... but I'm convinced that THOSE who live it like you, won't disappear... I think the "hats" who were passing by will...

    You see how you resurface... a strong burn and a lot of encouragement...

  2. I share, as it could not be otherwise, your words and your feelings. Cheer up friend Paco, I know your tenacity and your desire, we will get out of this with more strength and clarity. A hug.

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